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Building Process

"Augustine Custom Homes takes the worry out of building a new custom home.  While you're busy selecting window treatments, carpeting and siding colors, we'll be building your new home with you by our side every step-by-step of the way."  - Todd Augustine.

Step 1. Lot Selection.

There are three choices available to you:

1. Your Lot: We will evaluate your lot to determine what type of custom home can be built on it, what it will cost to develop the land, and County limitations and restrictions.

2. One Of Our Lots: We will review with you the various lots we only if we believe there is a suitable match to your home design needs and wants.

3. A Lot for Sale: Augustine Custom Homes will purchase a lot for sale at your request and not charge you for it until home closing.

Step 2. Home Design Selection:

We recognize this is the most personal step of the decision making process when building a custom home. We will attempt to make this as enjoyable and easy as possible by making available our library of house plans for you to review. Once you've decided on a design concept we will develop blueprints for your review and approval. We'll also work with your architect of choice and help you save money in the process.

Step 3. Mortgage Application and Acceptance:

This is sometimes the most frustrating and worrisome step in the process of purchasing a home. But not with Augustine Custom Homes. As your general contractor we do most of the work for you. All you have to do is provide some information and sign a few forms.

Step 4. Permit Application:

We do all of the building and grading permit application work. We follow up on every local, county and state requirement at our expense. Usually it takes approximately 30-90 days to get an approved building permit from the County (a little longer if grading permit is required).

Step 5. Permit Approval:

Once your building permit is approved Augustine Custom Homes as the Maryland General Contractor will be coordinating all of the sub-contractors committed to your project. Within 48 hours a written schedule will be presented to you for your review and planning purposes.

Step 6. Ground-Breaking:

Construction begins on your new home within 72 hours of receipt of an approved building permit.

Step 7. Inspections:

Each step of the building process requires approvals by appropriate Municipality Permit Inspections.

  • Building
  • Plumbing
  • Water & Sewer
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Final

Step 8. "Use And Occupancy" Certificate Issuance: 120 days after Ground-Breaking

Once your custom home is completed and the Final Building Approval is granted by the appropriate County Inspectors the County will issue a "Use and Occupancy Certificate" certifying your home has passed all the inspections and is ready for you to move in.

Step 9. Warranty Work: 1 Year after groundbreaking

Congratulations!  You're all moved in and you love your new home.  But what if a pipe leaks or there is a crack in the drywall?  No problem!  Augustine Custom Homes will stand by you for one full year after you take possession for any defects in labor and materials

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